I have spent many days in Disney Resorts and during this time I have had some great times and some bad experiences.  Some of the bad are sore feet with solid blisters, headaches from heat and exhaustion, the Disney rash, feeling ill from overindulging in all the sugar and snacks, lost tickets, and a missed photo opportunity of a lifetime.  From these experiences, I have a standard list of 5 items I always take with me to Disneyland.

1. Lanyard

A lanyard is a great item, especially for children, to hold your Disney ticket and other necessities.  I also put my Disneyland resort key in my lanyard.

This fun Disney lanyard is a great find.  Click here for the link.

This comes in many colors, dotted and plain.  There are places for your room key, Disney ticket, Credit cards, and cash.  It is very durable and reasonably priced. Everything is in one place.

2. Water

I can not stress enough the importance of having water.  You will be doing a great deal of walking and standing in a relatively hot environment.  It is imperative that you stay hydrated to enjoy your day.  I can not tell you the headache I had from being dehydrated.  You can get free water glasses at the eateries throughout Disneyland, but the glasses are small and I like the convenience of having my own water bottle.

3. Snacks

Disneyland is loaded with food choices, but being a frugal, family traveler, I hate to lay out a great deal of money on snacks.  I like to spend my allotted food budget on meals.  I bring in some snacks for the kids, my sidekick, and myself to enjoy during the day.  I also have a grandson and son that have Celiac so we have to be careful with the food we do choose.  Bringing in some snacks for the day helps the boredom while standing in the long lines and soothes the kids when they are tired.  Some snacks I like to bring are cheese sticks, fishy crackers, trail mix, granola bars, small tangerines, and baby carrots.

Tip: do not bring anything that will crush, such as chips, or that is salty, like pretzels.

4. Comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must in Disneyland.  Having sore feet at midday is a sure way to ruin everyone’s experience.  DO NOT pick shoes to wear for style, go for comfort.  DO NOT wear a pair of shoes that are new and you have never worn before.  Go with your most comfortable pair.

5. Phone charger

Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone battery run out because you are taking so many pictures or using Disney’s app all day.  Disney knows about this frustration, so they have 3 options for you while in Disneyland:

  • Bring a reliable, fully charged, portable charger to recharge your phone. (do not forget your cords, done that one!).
  • Bring your charging cords with you. Disney has charging stations in the park that you can use.  Remember it takes some time to charge your phone, so plan on the time.  Do it while you are eating. (list of charging stations) Charging Station Locations.
  • Use a Disney “Portable Charger” Kiosk. Click here for Kiosk Information.

It is like a vending machine.  It is stocked with battery chargers (about $30).

The adapters are in the kit and they are yours to keep. They work on androids and iPhones. Once you purchase one, you can exchange for a new one with no additional charge.  Any cast member can help you with this.

That is my list of Must Haves for a day in Disneyland.

Leave a comment below because I would love to hear what your must-haves are.

See Ya Makin’ Memories!

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  1. Yes yes! I so agree with the lanyard idea. So many times in the parks the last few times I went it was such a pain to have even a small purse. Then my fiancé (military so he always has his id in a lanyard) said, “honey why don’t you just give me the cards you need?” I then got my own lanyard and it made such a difference! No more fussing with my purse on every ride. The one you linked is adorable.

  2. This was so helpful. My family and I are planning our first trip to Disneyland this summer. I have two little girls, so any tips to make this more enjoyable the better. Also, I would never have thought about the phone charger either, thanks for that one!

  3. I definitely agree with water and comfortable shoes! Water fountains can be impossible to find sometimes in the parks. And with all that walking, comfortable shoes are a MUST!

  4. I have that lanyard in pink – I love it!! I’ve never been to Disneyland, only Disney World, so I will definitely be referencing this post for my first Disneyland trip!


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