It is summer.  It is vacation time.  You are looking at places to go and things to see.  The excitement is high.  You want to get away from the stress of your everyday life and enjoy some time with your loved ones.

You finally arrive at your destination, are in your hotel room, and are ready to unpack your luggage.  The room is clean and luxurious looking.  The bed has numerous pillows and the bathroom has fluffy towels.  You are very pleased with what you see.

But Beware.  The price and location are not the only things that guarantee your health and safety. There are some hidden dangers in that room that you should be aware of.  These invisible concerns might be your worst fears. 

We are all aware of the bed bug issue and how to make sure that the room is free of them.  We know that the remote control should be cleaned before we use it.  But there are other disturbing facts that you need to take precautions for.

Hotel Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) there are an average of 3,520 structure fires in hotels and motels each year, which represents 1% of all structure fires.  You should always check for an escape route from your room.  Take a look around your floor, your room, and the hotel in general for risks of fire hazards.

Hotel Security

When you leave your hotel room to go out for a great adventure, you are leaving all your valuables in that room.  To be safe, you should always leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.  The “Do Not Disturb” sign is like kryptonite to the hotel staff and thieves.  USE IT!  You can call housekeeping when you return and ask for fresh sheets and towels.  They will be happy to “make up the room” while you sit and work, read, or watch TV.

The Hotel Floor

The floor in your hotel room looks so clean when you walk in, but it probably isn’t that clean.  The housekeeping staff does their best to keep it looking clean and fresh, but you don’t know when the last deep cleaning took place.

Always were socks or slippers so you do not walk barefoot across the carpet.  You do not know who was in the room before you and what has been on that carpet.  You need to be careful so you do not get sick and ruin your much-anticipated vacation.

Hotel Personnel

Those are the very people that you trust to keep you safe while you are staying at the hotel, but they might be the ones that you are risk from.

A hotel uniform is easy to get.  Criminals, many times, pretend to be security or hotel staff to gain access to rooms.  Do not trust everyone with a hotel uniform.

For room service, have your tips ready and meet them at the door.  Do not let them into your room.  Same for security.

Unauthorized Fees

Always ask for an itemized copy of your bill the day before you are going to check out.  Examine that bill for accuracy.  All hotels are not honest.  They can charge you a fee for a service you did not use.  For example, they may have charged you for a “complimentary water” or a snack you did not get.  They may have charged you for using the safe in the room. 

I stayed at a hotel that had some snacks in the in-room fridge.  I did not use any of those snacks but I was charged for each time I opened the fridge.  I had used the fridge for my own food.  Make sure the you know everything that your will be paying for so you do not get caught in a similar trap.

Clean Air

Clean air is a big concern for travelers.  If your room smells of strong chemicals or mold it can harm your health.  If you smell anything toxic or unpleasant asked for another room.  If the room smells clean, check the vents to see that they are clean.  Check the fan in the bathroom for cleanliness also.

Free WiFi

Anytime you use the internet your computer is open to viruses and stolen identities.  When you use the hotel internet you are opening yourself up.

Donald N. Woodbury, of Travel & Advice, states that “According to a research, there are many dangers lurking in hotels’ free wireless connection, and the FBI has already issued a warning about travelers being the number one target of criminals that tend to install malware through the hotel Wi-Fi”. *

I am not saying to not use the internet, but I am saying to take precautions.  The best way to be safe is to have a travel computer that is clean of any personal information.  If this computer gets a virus it is easy to wipe clean.

If that is not a feasibility, then do not perform any action that accesses your personal information such as credit card activity.

Use these tips to have a safe and extremely enjoyable vacation this summer.

I would love to hear about your vacations.  Please leave a comment below.

See Ya Makin’ Memories!

*Donald N. Woodbury.

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  1. I always take slippers and never step barefooted on the carpet in a hotel room. I also always rinse out the bathtub before I shower. I also check the corners of the mattress under the sheet for bed bugs. Also, never leave your suitcase on the carpet in case bugs get in.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. As someone who travels and stays in hotels quite frequently, and has even had to evacuate a hotel due to a generator exploding, I would suggest you put your list in reverse order, with the Wi-Fi info being the first item shared. The last three items, to me, are something that your readers would probably deal with more frequently.

  3. I am officially now terrified of hotel rooms! Lol. You just never know sometimes, but I 100% agree. We all need to be careful and take the proper precautions.


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