I know I have not posted in a few months and I have really missed this.  Just to bring you up to date, I have been busy traveling, enjoying family during the holidays, with some illness thrown in.

But, I have missed You and sharing my life of travel.  So let me get you caught up with where we have been and what we have planned in the future.

We completed our Disney cruise in October with some of our grandchildren and it was a joy. We went with 5 of our grandchildren, our son, and a nephew. We were lucky enough to be on the Disney Wonder for its maiden voyage after being updated.  First cruise out of dry-dock and It was beautiful.

How Cute is That

Our last Disney cruise was 5 years ago.  Same grandchildren, same pose, but look at how they have grown.

Boarding Time

I have been asked many times about the procedure for getting on the cruise ship.  When you complete your cruise documents for check in, you are given a boarding time.  Many people think that if they get to the cruise port early, then they can get on the ship early, 


The cruise ship goes by the boarding time you are given. 

When we arrived at the San Diego cruise port and completed our check-in with a staff member, we were given this card that corresponded with our boarding time.

Half of our party of 9 had a later boarding time (number 6).  They were not allowed to board early with us. Instead of being separated, we decided to all wait for their boarding time.

The Wait Begins

We ended up spending a couple of hours in the cruise ship terminal with the rest of the crowd that had arrived before their boarding time. NOT FUN!

Not Just Disney

It is not just the Disney Cruise Line that enforces the assigned boarding time.  We just recently completed a Carnival Cruise (more to come on that cruise) and they also enforced the assigned boarding time.  We arrived at our assigned time and there were a great number of people sitting outside.  I asked if they were not boarding yet and was informed that they were early for their boarding time so they had to wait outside. 

Lesson Learned

Arrive at your assigned boarding time so you do not have to wait outside or in the terminal to start your cruise.  You will be able to immediately start your cruise vacation, and even hit the BUFFET LINE.

See Ya Makin’ Memories!

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I am Wease, and my traveling days started early with a father that loved to travel. As a family, a large one, we always traveled and always by car. No matter how far we went, we made the famous road trip. My father’s mantra on these trips was “we are making memories”. No matter what happened on those trips, whether good or bad, we always made memories. These memories are very precious to me. My husband and I have continued this tradition in our family, with our children, of traveling and making memories. I have learned some valuable lessons and tricks and I plan to share these with you here. Here is what I live by: “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we have been, and the memories we have made along the way”. Anonymous


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