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8 most asked questions about sunscreen

Summer is here.  Swimming is here.  Beach time is here.  SUNSCREEN time is here.  I have always been confused about sunscreen.  I...

12 Insider Tips to Have an Unforgettable Yellowstone National Park Visit

If this is your first visit to Yellowstone National Park or your 20th, here are some tips to make this time one to really...

An Oogie Boogie Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween is a great time to visit Disneyland.  The park is all decked out in Halloween decorations.  And in true Disney style,...

Quick Guide to Cruise Gratuities

Probably the most baffling and most discussed topic is tipping (gratuities) on a cruise.  First time cruisers and veteran cruisers debate when...

6 Disturbing Things About Hotel Rooms That You Should Be Aware Of

It is summer.  It is vacation time.  You are looking at places to go and things to see.  The excitement is high.  You want...

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