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Angel’s Landing Zions National Park

Angel's Landing is the peak in the center of the photo.  To get access to the Angel's Landing Trail you will stop at the...

6 Compelling Reasons I Keep Returning to Bear Lake

I love the beach. I love water.  I live in Utah, a desert. Quite an oxymoron you might say.  But I...
Denali National Park - Caribou

Best U.S. Destinations for Spotting Wildlife

I love the abundance of North American habitat to see our native wildlife.  I am excited about the list of prime spots to view...

12 Insider Tips to Have an Unforgettable Yellowstone National Park Visit

If this is your first visit to Yellowstone National Park or your 20th, here are some tips to make this time one to really...

Renting a Timeshare, Should You do It?

A timeshare is a form of ownership where a group of people shares in the ownership of a property.  They then divide the use...

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