Short on Storage

Cruise ship cabins are notoriously small and short on storage, unless you book a suite.  After many cruises, I have found hacks to increase storage.  One of my favorite hacks is to use the back of the cabin door as Command Central.

Magnetic Hooks

The doors in a cruise ship cabin are metal. I bring with me several magnetic hooks to use on the inside of the door.  These can be purchased at your local Dollar Store or from Walmart.

Tip: Make sure that they have strong magnets. You do not want them slipping down the wall from the weight of the hanging objects.

These hooks are useful to hang the lanyards carrying our cabin key.  That way our key is always within reach and easily found.

I also put some hooks on the wall between the door and the lavatory door (walls are also metal) to hang backpacks, robes, jackets, and anything else.

Magnetic clips

Put some magnetic clips on the door to hold your cruise’s daily activity sheet (Cruise Compass or Fun Times)

You can use the clips for port excursion papers, spa appointments, etc.

I also hang a small whiteboard.  I use this to communicate with those in my cabin (where I will be and for how long)

Command Central Outside of Door

Finally, I also decorate the outside of my door.  I do this for multiple reasons:

  1. They are fun to design and make.
  2. It makes my room easy to find, for the kids and me.
  3. The kids love it. It makes their cabin feel special, to hang pictures on their door.

Use these organizational tips for your door command center on your next cruise.  It will help to keep you and your family organized.

Let me know how these hacks work for you and please leave a comment below on how you create a command center.

See Ya Makin Memories!

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