Disney ATM

Just a real quick tip.  My daughter and family were in Disneyland recently and needed to use the ATM.  She was astounded at the fees that were charged.


A fee will be charged for a cash withdrawal to any cardholder using a card not issued by Chase. This fee, which will be added to the withdrawal amount, is in addition to any fees that may be assessed by the cardholder’s financial institution. (see Disney website)


My daughter said that she was charged at least $2.50 for using the Disney ATM and then another $3.00 from her bank. This seemed a little excessive for frugal Traveling Wease.


Therefore, my tip for you is to always bring your cash to Disneyland or Disney World. 

Remember, you can always use your debit/credit card anywhere in the park, but it is always nice to have some cash in your pocket.

Also, use an ATM at a grocery store, bank, or a hotel for lower fees.

Leave a comment below on your experience with Disney ATMs.See Ya Makin’ Memories!

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