I loved this video because it reminded me of a coworker who while on a business trip with the company attorney just about didn’t get on the plane.  The prankster decided to start talking to the attorney about his hidden firearm.  Of course, the attorney had no such thing.  They came very close to being slammed against the wall and escorted away.  That was many years ago when security screening was new.  They did not realize what they were playing with.  Those doing the screening did not play then nor do they now.  Although it was funny to me that a vice president and attorney of the company came so close to the slammer. they learned a lesson not soon forgotten.  One other suggestion make sure your spouse doesn’t add anything to your carryon you don’t know about.  My wife added some toys for the grandkids which included a plastic sword.  I spent some time with the TSA as they explained why I shouldn’t have had the sword in my carryon.  May this video help you steer clear of testing the TSA funny bone.

Se Ya Makin Memories!


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