My daughter has lived in Washington State since she was married (19 years).  She just recently moved from Puyallup to Ocean Shores.  When we visit her, we are always looking for touristy things to do as a family.

Because Washington is such a wet state, we decided to visit some waterfalls.  When we searched the internet, this is what we found.

Each of those dots is a waterfall.  Overwhelming!!!

We narrowed it down to wanting to do a day road trip from her house in ocean shores.  Here is the result.

To get the map click here.

This includes Seven of the most beautiful hikes and waterfalls in Washington.

1. Strawberry Bay Falls, on Third Beach

The Third Beach Falls is probably the most seen waterfall in the state of Washington because of it being on the beach.  It drops directly into the ocean.  You cannot get close to it because of the terrain.  This waterfall is often referred to it as Strawberry Bay Falls.

2. Marymere Falls

The hike to this falls is very enjoyable.  You walk through a mossy, ferny dreamland.  There are two viewpoints for this 90-foot drop, two-tiered waterfall.  One viewpoint, you look down on the waterfall and the lower viewpoint is at the base of the falls, directly opposite.

3. Madison Creek Falls

This hike is short and easy on a paved trail.  There are benches at the end to sit and watch.

4. Rocky Brook Falls

The hike to this falls is not a hike at all, but a walk of about 200 yards.  This falls splays out over the rocks, creating a horsetail.

5. Murhut Falls

The hike to Murhut is really a hike.  The trail starts out with a very gradual ascent, then flattens out before the really steep climb to the falls.  You can hear the falls long before it comes into view. You drop into a ravine to the waterfall.  Beautiful!

6. Spoon Creek Falls

This hike is very short but does have a steep descent to the base of the waterfall.

7. Merriman Falls

The falls is only 40 feet tall, but it hits rocks and logs as it comes down, causing the water to spread out, and spray up.  It eventually flows under the road.

While in Washington State, pack a lunch and some snacks, get in the car and visit these waterfalls, or some of your own choosing.  Well worth the time.

Let me know of some waterfalls you have visited so I can see them next time I am in Washington.


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