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As you know, I am a Disney nerd, and I love anything family.  What better way to highlight my family at Disneyland, than matching t-shirts. My children have grown up wearing matching t-shirts at Disneyland.  My grandchildren know nothing but matching shirts.

Yes, some of the men roll their eyes, but they wear them with a smile.

Why matching shirts?

  1. They make great pictures
  2. You do not have to decide what you are going to wear. Just assign a day to each matching shirt. Say EASY!
  3. It is really easy to see each other in the crowd. Especially if you make them bright.
  4. They make a great souvenir of the day.
  5. They are so fun. We are stopped multiple times a day, while in the Park,  by people commenting on our shirts and wanting to know where we bought them!

Planning your shirts.

Grumpy is on the right.
  1. Your party can all wear the exact same shirt design.
  2. Each member of your party can pick a different Disney character and just have the shirt color matching.
  3. Plan a theme such as Star Wars, Pixar, Villains, etc. and have everyone in a version of the theme.
  4. Use a common saying to tie the shirts together. We played on the fact that some of our men do not like matching shirts, but they wear them to please us.

A little history.

  1. I started out buying our t-shirts
  2. We then wanted to be a little different from all the others, so we started embellishing existing t-shirts.
  3. Then we evolved to making our t-shirts (many different ways)

Here are photos and a history of our t-shirts.

Buying Shirts.

These were our very first t-shirts and we had them made at Zazzle. https://www.zazzle.com/tshirts

Each shirt was personalized with the person’s name.

Altered Purchased T-shirts.

We then bought the T-shirts and altered, by painting, adding bling, and lace.

Purchased Shirts without Changes.

Some we bought and left them as they were.

Making our T-shirts.

We started out using my inkjet printer and iron-on transfer paper, you can buy at the fabric or craft store.  My daughters, the artists, created the designs on the computer; we printed it onto the transfer paper and ironed it on. Viola’

Additional transfer paper samples at end of article.

30 to 40 Designs a year.

Because we were making so many shirts, at least 3 themes per person or a total of between 30-40 designs a year, we finally bought an electronic cutting machine, a Circut.

We then cut out a stencil from freezer paper, ironed it on the t-shirt and painted the design in.  When we removed the freezer paper, it was magical

Each shirt has a different character
A different character on each shirt
Example of character on the t-shirts above

Happy day, the heat transfer or iron-on vinyl became available for the public.  Our T-shirt making days changed.

Heat transfer vinyl.

We are planning a Disney cruise and Disneyland trip for later this year, and we are already planning our t-shirts.  Even the men are getting involved this year. They want to design one.  I really think they would be disappointed if they could not grumble about wearing the matching t-shirts.

So next Disney trip, try wearing matching t-shirts.  It will change your experience.

Leave a comment below with a picture of your matching t-shirts.

See Ya Makin Memories!

8Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.

7Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.

6Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.

5Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.

4Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.

3Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.

2Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.

1Here are some samples of transfer paper shirt designs.


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