I am going to have to give you some background on this next post, so please bear with me.

I was blessed with 2 sets of twins.  When my oldest set of twins, identical girls, were 35 years old, Sheila suffered a massive stroke.  She had to learn to read again, tell time again, do math, drive, read social cues, and much more.  She could not tell right or left, inside or outside on her clothing.  Her youngest taught her how to put her shoes on the correct foot.  The thing that was most devastating for her was that before the stroke she was an amazing, accomplished artist.  The stroke changed all that.  She lost her spatial ability.  Everything looked off balance to her.  She desperately needed something to make her feel that she was accomplished at something, as she was grieving the loss of her art.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

Her twin sister convinced her to train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Realize that Sheila hated to run.  She thought it was stupid, but she took the challenge.  They trained for 8 months.

I went with them to Disneyworld for the race and it was amazing.  Disney really knows how to make things special. Even for me a spectator and part of the cheer squad, they had a tent where I could watch the race and keep track of my girls.  They also kept food on a table for us at all times.  Talk about special treatment.

Can you tell they are excited?

They found their names among the thousands there.

The Race

The whole race route was Disney themed.   There were Disney scenes with the characters cheering them on along the whole route.

Coming up on the entrance to Magic Kingdom.

Their shirts say, “Racing over the hill, it’s our big 40.  Many of the participants said that they kept those shirts in their sights.  They kept trying to catch up to those shirts, which helped them to finish.

The girls chose this race to complete for their 40th birthday because it would make them feel young and whole, and it is the happiest place on earth.


Their completion time.  13 miles in 4 hours and 41 minutes. They would have been faster but they stopped and played with the characters along the route.

Awarding the medal.  I cried when she crossed that finish line.  It was such an accomplishment from where she was just 3 years before.


There are the balloon ladies that bring up the end of the race.  The race has to be completed by 9 am for park opening.  That means that Disney has to keep the runners moving at a certain pace.  If the runners lag behind the balloon ladies, then they are picked up and can not finish the race.  My girls became friends with these ladies because they ran the last few miles together.

Balloon Ladies

This was such an amazing experience.  We want to do another one.

See Ya Makin Memories!

Go here https://www.rundisney.com/to see the schedule of all the races that Disney offers.


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