I had only lived in Montana for a short time when I walked outside on my deck to say goodnight to some friends. I was startled to see this sight in the sky.

I had no idea what it was.  I was awestruck.  As I stood there with my mouth open, my friend kindly explained that is was the northern lights or Aurora borealis.  I naively thought that they were only seen in Alaska.  I watched them for a long time that night.

They were amazing.  If you ever get a chance to travel where you can see the northern lights, grab it with both hands.  It is well worth the experience.

See Ya Makin Memories!

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I am Wease, and my traveling days started early with a father that loved to travel. As a family, a large one, we always traveled and always by car. No matter how far we went, we made the famous road trip. My father’s mantra on these trips was “we are making memories”. No matter what happened on those trips, whether good or bad, we always made memories. These memories are very precious to me. My husband and I have continued this tradition in our family, with our children, of traveling and making memories. I have learned some valuable lessons and tricks and I plan to share these with you here. Here is what I live by: “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we have been, and the memories we have made along the way”. Anonymous


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