A timeshare is a form of ownership where a group of people shares in the ownership of a property.  They then divide the use of the property between them, usually into weeks.  These properties usually are condominiums.

The advantage of timeshare is that you can own and have the use of somewhere that the price may otherwise be prohibitive. The con is that you have an ongoing maintenance fee and taxes every year that you own that property.  For this reason, some people rent out their week to cover those costs, if they are not going to use it.

Is it really worth renting these timeshare properties?

I decided to check it out.  You know that I am always looking for a great price at a good location.  I found that you could find timeshares for rent many different ways (on any classified boards, timeshare rental boards, and by word of mouth).

My daughter found a timeshare condominium for rent on a classified ad board.

The location was in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  I had never heard of Pagosa Springs so I started researching.

What I found was that Pagosa Springs is a town located in southwest Colorado known for its hot springs. It is surrounded by 2.5 million acres of National Forest and Wilderness with 4 distinct seasons.  We were going in May. The springtime.

It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen, on a golf course, condo for $87 a night.  What a deal.  We booked.

We got this greeting, a beautiful rainbow when we arrived the first evening.

When we checked in, the front desk was expecting us, and they gave us a list of all the activities that were going on at the resort for the week.  There were multiple activates from a waffle breakfast to making ice cream in a bag.

The kids decorated tote bags as one of the activities.

The girls being silly, but they used that tub every night we were there.

Our back yard. We were right on the golf course.

There where hot air balloons in the sky.

Pagosa Springs was close to Mesa Verde National Park so we spent one day there.

Back to my original question.

Is it really worth renting timeshare properties?


The accommodations are usually upper end to luxury.  The units are fully stocked with linens and kitchenware.  There is a multitude of activities provided each day.  The linens are changed out once a week for fresh linens.

The price could not be beat.  It was less than a hotel room.  We were able to cook our meals if we chose to, or there were many restaurants within walking distance.

Give timeshare rentals a try.  You might get hooked.

See Ya Makin Memories!

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