I had spent a great day at Disneyland with my family.  Rode many rides, walked a whole bunch and stood in many long lines. Toward evening, I noticed that my legs felt swollen and warm.  I was wearing capris, so I looked at my legs and there was a horrible red rash on my legs.  The rash did not itch or hurt; it just looked bad.

What’s Happening?

I have a lot of contact allergies so I started going through my mind, replaying the day, to see if I had come in contact with something I’m sensitive to.  We had ridden grizzly rapids in the early afternoon and my legs had become very wet.  I finally decided that I must have been allergic to the blue coloring they had put in the water.  I felt fine, so I put it out of my mind and enjoyed the rest of the day.

That night, I decided to get on the internet and research the rash, to see if I needed to get some medical help.  To my surprise, I had what was called “The Disney Rash”.

The Real Name

The real name for the rash is Exercise-Induced Vasculitis.  The rash is commonly called golfers rash.  Exercise-induced vasculitis mainly affects one or both lower legs and is caused by heat and exercise.  Both happened that day.  The rash only affects the part of the legs that are not covered by clothing.  Mine started above my sock line and went to just below my knee.

There is no known prevention.  You do not feel ill and it does not hurt.  It just looks ugly.  The treatment is just for relief of the symptoms: elevation of legs, cortisone cream, and ibuprofen.

If you do happen to develop the Disney Rash, go to the first aid station, as they have cream for it.

Tip- to prevent this rash, make sure you get used to walking and standing for extended times before you head to a Disney Resort.

See Ya Makin’ Memories!

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