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If I have not mentioned it before, I love cruising to Alaska. I am always on the lookout for deals on Alaskan cruises.

On one of our cruises to Alaska, we visited Ketchikan and just had to take a picture with this sign, seeing as how our last name is Salmond (pronounced like the fish).

Our excursion in Ketchikan was visiting a Saxman Totem Village.

Alaska Totem Poles Saxman Native Village Ketchikan

While there, we were invited into their ceremonial lodge and witnessed traditional dances.

We also walked among the totems. Totem poles have always fascinated me.  I know that they tell a story, whether about a family or an event in the village.  Our guide told us the story of many of the totems that they had on display.                      

While we were there, the native carver was actually working in the carving house, which was unusual.  We were able to visit and ask him questions.  He described how he still carved most everything by hand.  He showed us what he was currently working on.

Our family stayed behind to talk to him when the crowd left.  I was so excited to tell him that our last name was Salmond and to ask about a totem for our name.  He looked at me quite seriously and said “Oh no.  Salmon is the bottom of the totem.  You do not want that.”  I was crushed.  I think he could see that because he then kindly added that the salmon are the basis of their culture.

So, I settled for a car window sticker of a salmon as my remembrance of the day.

You must take your family to Alaska on a cruise.  Look for cruise deals on my site, (coming soon).

See Ya Makin Memories!

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