You have decided that you are going to go on a Disney cruise.  You have researched all the destinations, chosen one, and paid for it.  Now you are thinking, what can I expect on this cruise?  What is included and what do I have to pay for.  How much more will this cruise cost me?

Here is a list of what is included with your cruise.

1. Wave Phones Provided

This was an amazing benefit on a Disney Cruise.   You received two wave phones in each stateroom.  With these, you can text or call another stateroom, any ship phone, or another wave phone while onboard the ship or on Castaway Cay. This was a great way to keep in touch with the rest of our group (we were a large group). We gave these to our teens and sent them on their way knowing we could reach them.

2. All onboard meals, including Castaway Cay.

These included meals are everything from the buffet to the evening, table service meals.  If you are lucky enough to stop at Castaway Cay (Disney’ private island), the lunch there is also included.  At these meals you are not limited to one entrée or one dessert, either.  You can have as many as you want.

3. Complimentary room service

Disney cruise ships have 24-hour room service.  You can have breakfast in bed or a late night snack.  That is the only place you can get the iconic Mickey ice cream treat. One of our favorite things to do is to order milk and cookies for a bedtime snack.  Love It!!

4. Free, Unlimited soft drinks

That is correct, unlimited soft drinks.  This also includes water.  You can have as many refills as you want.  I suggest bringing a refillable water bottle.  You can fill it up and take it with you off the ship on your shore excursion.

5. Free, unlimited Ice Cream

This is one of grandkids favorite thing on a Disney cruise.  The ice cream flavor usually changes each day. You can have as many servings you want, every single day.  A kids dream , and adults.  A hint here: my teenager learned real quick to take some of the ice cream and pour soda over it for an ice cream float.  He was addicted to those.

6. Broadway-style shows

Each night of the cruise, Disney has a Broadway-style show in the ship’s main theater. These shows are “wow-style”.  They are as elaborate as any Broadway show out there.  We saw Peter Pan, Golden Mickey, and Toy Story.  7. Disney’s Latest Movies in the ships movie theater

Each Disney ship has a dedicated, full-size movie theater.  It has stadium seating and nice comfy seats.  There is even a concession stand (BUT the food here is not free).  The movies shown in the theater are the latest Disney films.  We were lucky on our last Disney cruise, to see a Disney movie before it was released into theaters.  You can bring food into the theater, so grab some free treats and free soda to enjoy.

8. Stateroom touches

Disney cruises offer the nightly animal towels like other cruises, but they also put a chocolate on your pillow after turning down your bed.  If you travel with children, they leave a nightly surprise fro them.  They left bandanas on pirate night for the whole family.  We cruised in October so they left the kids a treat-or-treat bag with candy.  The last night of the cruise, each child found a full-size, Disney stuffed animal on their bed.  Talk about special.

9. Fireworks at sea

To me, this is the best freebie on the Disney Cruise.  Free firework show right off the ship, over the ocean.  It was amazing.

*Just remember that alcohol is not included in your cruise.*

See Ya Makin Memories!

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