It was at the end of our last day at Disneyland and my sidekick (husband) suggested we ride the train as we were leaving Disneyland.  I readily agreed as we were at Main Street Railroad Station.

The Oops

As we were boarding the train, I turned to talk to my son and caught my toe on the top stair.  I reached out to grab the stair railing, which was non-existent, as this picture shows.

In my mind, I thought, “You are going to fall in front of all these people, so do it gracefully”.  I put my hand down flat on the ground to catch myself.

I fell hard. There was a collective gasp!!!

Of course, the Disney cast members came running to help me.  My pride was extremely hurt at this time. I just wanted to be ignored and disappear.

I insisted that I was fine and just wanted to get on the train.  As I was riding the train, I noticed that my wrist was swelling and turning many different colors. And it hurt!

Watching For Me

The cast members must have been watching for me because after the ride ended, the cast members insisted on escorting me to the first aid station to have my wrist looked at. I also had some scrapes that were bleeding. The first aid station was clean, very well stocked and staffed.

The Doctor at Disneyland was very gentle and thorough.  He tended my cuts and scrapes and examined my wrist.  He told me that he felt that my wrist was probably broken but they did not have the equipment to make a definitive diagnosis.

He suggested that I go to the hospital to have it tended to.  I promised I would see my home physician when I arrived home. He took down my home address and telephone number and said that he would be in contact with me after I saw my home physician.

The next day, a representative from Disney called to see if I had indeed seen my physician and to inquire how I was doing.  I informed them I had broken my wrist. 

They were concerned and said that they would check back to make sure everything was healing well. I ended up having to have surgery on the wrist, and Disney called me every week to see how I was doing until I was released from medical care.

They were always compassionate and encouraging throughout the whole experience.

If you are unfortunate enough to get sick or hurt at a Disney Resort, do not hesitate to go to the First Aid Station.  Any Cast Member will escort you there.

They will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect.

See Ya Makin Memories!

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